I seek freedom
I call reason
I understand logic
and perceive pain.
Yet I will never comprehend the factors controlling human relationships, it is complicated and wearisome. It puts a person under a tremendous amount of anxiety and pressure.
"sometimes you need to walk away", but what if you can't, what if you're tied by circumstances you don't control, how could you be left alone in a room filled with people. How can you defend yourself in silence?How can you respect those who hurt you just because life allows it?How can you prove your point to people that count you crazy?How can you be yourself when all the people around you are bending you? How can your personality grow in a place where minds don't?

Freedom of thought, freedom of actions and freedom to explore is what I seek and nothing else.
I beseech you,
grant me not love,
grant me not comfort,
grant me not money,
but grant me my own free will.


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