Samira Ibrahim's case against Virginity tests by the army

Yesterday, the State Council in Dokki deliberated the case of Samira Ibrahim, a young girl among other women who were subjected to a humiliating ordeal of virginity testing on the hands of the army. After being arrested in March, from Tahrir, women were subjected to lengthy and degrading tests on the hand of military doctors. For what were they checking? A hymen!

Women who were subjected to this fateful ordeal remained silent, except one girl from Upper Egypt, Samira Ibrahim. She filed a civil suit against the Military Police and those who conducted the tests.

Yesterday, the court accepted the law suit, and overturned the appeals against it, deeming Virginity Tests illegal for detained females.

The army responded that they did not conduct virginity tests, a ludicrous answer since the court verdict proves that they did.

Hundreds of protesters protested before the State Council, where the court session was held, in support of Samira Ibrahim. They chanted against SCAF, and demanded its fall as ruling entity. Some even distributed stickers calling for a civil presidential council, to which the power is to be handed.

The verdict was received with cheers from the protesters even though it is only a first step, and those who conducted these tests are yet to be tried.

The chants of the protesters rocked the State Council, much to the surprise of those who worked there. One significant chant was "People demand the execution of  El Mosheer (AKA Tantawi)".

The small, but powerful protest turned into a march to Tahrir Square, led by Samira Ibrahim herself, and presidential hopeful Bothaina Kamel.



Samira Ibrahim March

Samira Ibrahim Protest

Samira Ibrahim Protest

Court erupts in cheers after verdict is announced

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