Army Violations- Dec 16

Video of Tortured youth, Aboudy Ibrahim, 22 years old from Ultras Ahly, beaten by the army inside PM Cabinet Building

Then according to reports, the army started to throw rocks and other things such as dishes, a file cabinet and even a Quranic verse on protesters

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Then random beatings and arrests took place, many were detained including Mona and Sanaa Seif (detained activist Alaa Seif Abd El Fatah's sisters) and other protesters including many women and children. A lot of violence was used against protesters and women were not spared, including a face-veiled woman whose picture soon became famous on twitter, with tweeps asking for a response from Islamist political parties.

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Picture of female protesters being dragged by her hair, some are saying that she initially had a head scarf on and they took it off, but this remains unconfirmed. Tweeps are also taking this photo as evidence of usage of guns, as the red circle shows.
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Picture of photographer/activist @mosaaberizing after  a glass char penetrated his eye
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Picture of activist @NoorNoor1 being arrested with an unidentified girl

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Picture of activist @NoorNoor1 's back after being arrested and beaten by army officers

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 Army officers also insulted protesters, some giving them the finger and another one tried to expose himself. Some protesters are saying that he was peeing on them, but the reports are conflicting.

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A lot were injured, ministry of health reported 9 gunshot wounds, and over 99 injured according to Al Jazeera. Some tweeps reported that French Kasr El Eini has military police who were arresting the injured (via ), reportedly a picture of Military police in red beret in said hospital
A lot of head injuries were reported due to rocks being thrown on protesters from high buildings

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 and Tahrir Doctors reported that there were people posing as field doctors (or real doctors) who were handing in injured to military police (statement in arabic here)

Local Media reports are blaming protesters, and denied any army on top of buildings throwing anything at protesters, and it also accused protesters of trying to break in PM Cabinet building.

Ziad Eleimy, elected MP for the , submits criminal complaint against head of , Field Marshal Tantawi and other top state figures via 

Other figures also issued police reports against military police including Elected MP Amr Hamzawy.

Three resigned from SCAF's advisory council: Moetaz Abd El Fatab, Ahmed Khairy and Ziad Ali () .

The army cordoned Kasr el Eini street, and two other streets forming a blockade around the building.

A set of pics containing army violations can be seen here via  

Molotov and rocks are still being thrown at protesters as appears on JSC Mubasher Misr's Live Feed


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