Favorite paintings

When it comes to art, I am as mundane as they come. My taste is very boring, but I like it. These are the ones I can think of right now. My utmost favorite painter would be John William Waterhouse. 
John William Waterhouse- The Crystal Ball
Johannes Vermeer- Girl with pearl earring
(I liked it before the movie, I swear!) 

Leonardo Da Vinci- Lady with ermine
(The ermine is what I like about the painting)

Van Gogh- Starry Night

Edgar Degas- Blue Dancers

Boticelli's Venus (the Birth of Venus)


Nesrina said…
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Nerro said…
uhhhh...you got me at the title ya Sina. Loved the collection :D Vermeer's girl with a pearl earring and Van Gogh are common favorites :D

Picasso's Guernica is an all time favorite, Vladimir Kush's Departure of the winged ship is very near to my heart. reminds me of my Grandma Allah yer7amha.
Sina said…
Haha, thanks. I am a bit on the traditional side when it comes to art.

googled the paintings you mentioned, the butterflies as sails is very peculiar and new. I found a couple of Kush's that are really nice Rose awaiting and Green Apple. Thanks for the suggestion :)

However, Picasso, I always fail to understand him. I am not cool enough, I guess.

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