Once upon a time in a far away land, in a blue planet covered with great expanses of water, where land was scarce, and life was abundant. The planet was called "Earth" despite its scarcity. It contained villages and towns of various sizes and shapes, which were inhabited by life forms known as "Humans". The humans shared the earth with other creatures, but deemed themselves superior. They were in constant instability, and ran after something called "Happiness". None of them knew what happiness was like or where it could be found. No one has ever discovered where it dwelt. Yet, they searched for it tirelessly, dreamed about it constantly, and each created an imaginary world in which "Happiness" resided. 

None of the humans were sure that "Happiness" existed.

Yet, they still searched for it. 

Their useless search resulted in something called "Sadness", in which they dwelt. They told themselves that the "Sadness" would go away as soon as they found happiness, and so they remained. Their condition never experienced real change, and "Happiness" remained an elusive concept for most of them, while "Sadness" became a reality. Their constant state of "Sadness" resulted in other states. One of those states was "Jealousy" and another was "Greed". When those two states met, the humans became different, and they sought out things that were not theirs. This resulted in something called "War", where they fought each other for something called "Power", and control of the scarce "Earth". This only resulted in more "Sadness" as humans perished.

Their "Earth" became a barren habitat, and their "Greed" polluted every life form that existed, that none remained except them, and the things they created. Little by little they disappeared, until none of them remained.

Yet, in one of the artifacts we discovered, which we believe to be one of the last things they left behind, it was written "Happiness is a state of mind".


gjoe said…
Could you talk about "Beauty" please? Although it is written all over this piece!
Ze2red said…
that was deep.
Sina said…
Gjoe: Really? but beauty is an interesting subject, will try to figure something out :D

Ze2red: Thanks :D
Nemo Nobody said…
:) perfectly written
Sina said…
"perfectly"? I doubt, but thank you :D

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