Be Calm

Since childhood, we are bombarded with all sorts of commandments and advice on how to act, behave and what is expected from us. We are taught gender-based behavior, and prohibited from displaying any irregular characteristics. Some advice might be sound, while other might just be societal nonsense, and as we grow up -forming our own perspective of life-, we decide on what advice to follow, and what to discard.

I am grateful for all advice I receive, even when some just do not make sense to me. Still, being advised is a blessing on its own.

Yet, I think people forget one very good piece of advice, and that is "Be Calm", and I don't mean silent. I mean being taught to take things in stride, not to worry, and avoid stress. In our childhood and adolescence, we are not told to be calm. On the contrary, it is in this critical phase of our life that we are taught how to worry, and how to stress. We become very weary of not getting to where we're supposed to get or do what is expected of us. It is at this time that we become worry rats. It becomes our way of life, and we do not realize that it is a wrong lifestyle until it is very late, and the damage has been done.

So, remember when you get stressed or worried, that life goes on and stress will only hurt you. Be Calm, and throw caution to the wind. Everything will solve itself out.


Ze2red said…
this is a piece of advice i give to ppl and i never work upon it myself :(
Nemo Nobody said…
not necessarily that everything sorts out in the end ... somethings require positive intervention to be solved and some get worse by time, the idea is being calm while suffering because you will continue to suffer and things will someday be worse than this ,so no point if burning your nerves every single time ... we have to let go
Sina said…
Ze2red: It's not always easy, but you have to try.

Nemo: I guess that's another way of looking at it, reminds of Kafka.

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