Common courtesy

I think despite the different religious movements that keep popping left and right here in Egypt, we as people lack basic ethical/moral traits that are more simplistic in nature than binding. We-despite claiming to be religious- suffer from being barbaric, envious, and believe it or not arrogant. These traits are not restricted to socio-economic class, but I think it is more apparent in those residing in Cairo than in any other city. One of the traits we have completely ignored is common courtesy. The annoying thing is ever since we reclaimed our right to speak freely, we have become pig-headed, close-minded people, with each of us thinking "my way or the high way". Will we change? I hope so, but until then I am shocked at our demeanor, and this just reaffirms that our religious act is a fake one. We are not people of faith, we just want to show others that we are better than them. We miss the things that religion stressed upon; forgiveness, gentility and acceptance.

It is apparent in the way we drive, the way we walk in the street and the way we interact with each other; everyone just wants their things to be solved/done first, and we don't care who gets hurt in the process. People are always wondering why there are so many accidents on the road. Well, it is because we are SELFISH, and each of us thinks they drive better. NEWSFLASH: no one drives well in Egypt, because this is not driving, it is wrestling. The way we drive reflects our behavior in real life, and what a shameful display.

So, I beseech you, next time you see someone in a bind on the road, let them pass before you, nothing will happen to your broken ego. I promise.


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