An important question: Why do people generally like children and bear with their nonsense?

  1. Children are small, some are even tiny and for some reason, people like tiny things (except bugs, but some of us -Buddhists,bug scientists and Kafka-lovers - even like bugs). That is why people like children, because they are tiny and some are even cute. In addition, most of us (those who are not psychos) have an innate impulse to protect those tiny things, that is why it is harder to see a kid suffering than an adult. In our minds, kids should be healthy, happy, tiny and cute.
  2. Children are pure (well, until about 5 years of age, and then they become vicious creatures), and this purity is something that we lack as adults, and we crave it. However, given that we are not peter pan, we tend to forget this feeling of purity and we become boring, annoying, over-stressed adults who are unable to understand why life is supposed to be nice. Children have no problem in loving life, we do, and that is why we look at them in awe at this great ability. (Some even believe that babies are clairvoyant for the first two years of their lives).
  3. Children are hope. People tend to work their whole lives so that they would insure a better future for their offspring. Many people look to children to be what they failed to become, and some even live through their children. I am not a fan of this point, but a lot of people do this; their children's accomplishments become their own, and they take pride in their children's lives. I think they have the right to since they raised them (If you raise a good child, you have the right to brag).
  4. Children are honest and their smiles are sincere. If they don't like a joke, they won't laugh. If they hate you, you will know. They are honest, and it takes a very twisted child to be able to hide their true feelings.
So, does it mean that I like children? NAAAAH, but I understand -finally-  those people who do.

A related note: If, as a child, you had a hobby and you loved it, chances are that this hobby might be your perfect career.


Ze2red said…
i don't love kids as well.

& the side note is hitting a nerve and triggering memories *sigh*
Deeeeeee said…
I don't know why ppl like children.. I seriously don't get it yet, and how everyone is insane about their own offspring to me is just.. SAD! However, you had better start liking them ba2a ya Sina! :)
Sina said…
Ze2red: YAY! I am not alone, because most people are shocked when I tell them that.

Hope it hit the nerve in a nice way, not a sad way. I do believe it's never too late to go after what you want.

Deeeee: NEVER, you should pray for a miracle, maybe you'll baby will be made of chocolate, niahahahaha!

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