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I have been reading a lot about other people's lives, especially historical figures and academic people, in an attempt to attain clues regarding what I should do with my own life. I have yet to find a life that truly intrigues me or a career for that matter. I have been calling myself a writer during the past year, but I don't think I am a writer; writing is a tool of expression, not an objective. I don't live to write, I write to live. So, I am going to stop calling myself a writer, but I will continue to write, although I haven't been writing much lately. I have also eliminated the possibility of an academic career, I don't like it for unexplained reasons. Well, that's that. It is a bit disconcerting because I thought this might be it, but I guess I just have to keep looking.
My friends laugh at my identity crisis; they are unable to understand why I suffer from one, and neither do I. However, I dont think I suffer from an identity crisis; I know who I am, but I just don't know how to be. So, maybe I should call it an exestential crisis. Or is it the same as an identity crisis?

I am thinking of spending my summer reading the works of Jane Austen(guilty of never reading her novels ), and I am quite eager since I am going to take a course discussing her work next semester isA. Anyone interested in Jane Austen book club over the summer (yes, triggered by novel/movie)?


Shimaa Gamal said…
Just be ya Sina ...

All those people who changed the world, all what the did was being themselves.

You can never find determination how they clearly planned their lives. You sure can find someone saying so only because we look at their lives backwards not how it actually happened.

Just make sure of what u don't want to be ... this is the only thing you have to keep in mind. So u don't turn into a person u won't like one day while u are trying to be the person u always thought u wanted to be.

Love & lots of kisses
Sina said…
thanks for the encouraging comment ya Shi :) really appreciate it
randomika said…
I think I'm suffering from an identity crisis myself and I can't believe how frustrating it is.

I hope we come out of it one day :)
I don't know how to help but I love Jane Austen .. please count me in any book club discussing her work :D

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