A single grain of rice

It has been a long time since Egypt has dared to choose its fate, in fact, we have been oppressed for more than 60 years. However, in two months time, Egyptian youth, in other words, We changed that. For the first time Egypt is going to choose as *hopefully* millions of Egyptians vote on Saturday March 19th with or against constitutional ammendments.

The burden of choice is difficult and new to Egyptians. Some, are ecstatic, others are fearful and a few are still suffering from Stockholm syndrome as they praise previous president, Mubarak, for not giving them the choice. To those I say, you don't deserve this blessing.
God created us with the power of choice being the main specification of our humanity. The reason that we are here on earth is because of a CHOICE made by Adam. So, God gave him a choice and he used it, regardless of the result.

I do understand that we have always been limited in the choices we make as Egyptians. In fact, most of the time, in our lives, we have been choosing between two evils. However, this changing. God willing, soon we will have more choices to make in everything we do in life. So, dont be afraid, embrace the burden, go VOTE, live the blessing of choice and no matter what the consequences will be, we will deal with it. Remember that nothing is final and there many more battles to come, this is the first one, the inaguration if you will, and IT HAS TO BE CELEBRATED. So celebrate your freedom, go this Saturday and vote, bring along family and friends, have a party afterwards, do anything you want, but make sure you VOTE.

Yes, your voice, the teeny tiny one counts.

Picture this; rice is tiny, but when put together it is very heavy. The same is applied to voting; each one of us is a single grain of rice, but together we hold a great force able to crush anything that threatens this great nation.

So, don't waste the force within you, on Saturday, make your voice heard.


Maxxed`ouT said…
What will your grain of rice say?
Sina said…
this single grain of rice is in the NO pile

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