The last one

I am the last of my race
Forever locked in a void embrace
No one shall follow me
Alone, I shall always be

Roaming this earth is my malady
And of it I long to be free
Maybe there is some reason
For nature's high treason

Maybe my seed will wreck the earth
And therefore there is no birth
Of children to carry my name
And for it seek oodles of fame

Soon, I shall become a speck of dust
Of no importance but to some gust
Do not weep nor cry nor lament
For my back will no more be bent

In annihilation, i shall regain,
All that is lost and forever will remain
No loss will plague me and happiness will reign
And all the answers will be instilled in my brain

O, how I long for this moment of decomposition
Though I fear its friction
Let it be near
And then maybe I shall have no fear


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