Random Random Random

Random annoying thoughts that keep penetrating my mind and harassing it in every way possible.

  1. Sometimes I think I shouldn't choose ANYTHING. Really, I mess things up so bad I can't even believe myself.
  2. I found out that I am affected by the books I read, not moved, AFFECTED, sort of embody them in some way. It's sick, basically I have no personality of my own. It's kind of like that movie for Shadia where she impersonates every movie she sees. Sure, it's not that pronounced, but still, very very sick.
  3. I am not bored, but I am not excited either, sort of on neutral.
  4. I am becoming so anti-social, I think I might be going for a record or something. What's beyond being a freak? a super duper freak? Because I think I am on my way.
  5. I know that I might have mentioned this before, but perky optimistic, the ones who always believe that things will turn out for the better, people make my skin crawl.
  6. I really really shouldn't make any choices. REALLY. I love my choices, but I mess them up.(I thought I'd highlight this point more cause it's driving me insane)
On a plus note:
  1. Egypt is now State Security free, it got dissolved today.
  2. We have a seemingly good government in place.
  3. For the first time in contemporary history, we are actually going to vote for a poll on constitutional amendments on Saturday. We're voting No because it's messed up, but still, the act of VOTING itself is shocking. I HAVE NEVER VOTED IN MY LIFE. I actually, my parents have never voted in their lives. No one I know have ever voted in their lives. You got the drift, huh?


Ze2red said…
i'm glad people are excited about voting :). Enjoy ur first vote, it will be a memorable experience ;)

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