Nothing Trumps it...

It's strong, sensual, alluring, satisfying and enticing. It announces its presence before you even lay eyes on its magnificent form, through its wonderfully rich and ever pungent aroma. Once your nose picks up the greatly dominating aroma, nothing goes through except it. It invites, seduces and calls you until you become completely under its hold, obeying its bid and command, waiting for it to instruct you. It promises you a completely different existence, short lived, but you don't mind, you just want the in, the nod, the willingness for it to cast its magic. It might be freezing cold that it breaks your heart; your breaths stop from its chilling demeanor, but you continue to obey it, asking for more and wanting more of its shivers down your spine. However, sometimes it's scorching hot, burning you in so many ways that you think that this is the end of you, but you continue to be enthralled by it, ignoring the searing of your skin and the tingle of sweet pain. Then, there are sometimes when it's just right, so that the both of you enjoy each other's company, it giving and you taking; the manifestation of perfection. You still remember the first time when you experienced it, you remember the first time you touched and the first time it ever became a constant in your life. The fact of the matter is that some people are completely free of its hold, but those are very rare and they often misunderstand it. You don't understand how something so great can have no effect on some people, how all its grandeur doesn't make their heart quiver, or their hands reach out for it. You could never understand or fathom its absence from your life and its substitutes fail in comparison. They are fake emulations of something that can not be emulated, or copied or halved; you either have it as a whole, or just bid it farewell.

When you fail to get to it, you feel like there's something missing from your life, and as soon as you reunite, things make sense again. It has a smooth texture, although not too smooth as to feel plain, but just the right combination of smoothness and coarseness to please your senses. It has a minion, who follows it everywhere even though sometimes it rejects it; preferring to present itself alone for a stronger effect. However, when its minion is present, it gives another great experience and you find yourself accepting them both. Although the presence of its companions are greatly subdued, you always get pleasure from fainting existence. There is only one other companion that it bows to and lets her share its whereabouts, as it's the only companion that has a tenacious hold on it. When they come together, it's an explosion of creativity, sensuality and happiness. They're both so similar and yet at the same time totally different, they complement each other magnificently and contradict each other's sole presence at the same time.

Whatever it does or doesn't do, whom it's with or not, you know that you shall accept it in any shape or form. When you do become one with it, you realize that nothing makes you feel happier or more energized and that your existence sometimes depend on it. You bow to it and conclude that nothing, absolutely nothing trumps coffee, especially when it comes with its faithful minion; milk or when it unites with its strong demanding companion; chocolate. The world of coffee is vast, continuous and ever so relentless. So, drink up, life is too short.


Anonymous said…
you so should send this to Starbucks on a wallpaper!!

we ba3den ana nefsy a write ba2a we mesh 3aref these days :(
Sina said…
LOL, after I wrote it, I thought enny madetsh el coffee 7a2aha. Thanks for the nice comment.

Why? What is blocking you? too much stress or relaxation?
Anonymous said…
noo idea! but I'm gonna go with stress .. or rather numbness! or .. i don't know! 3aaa!
Anonymous said…
Boy! you really love coffee :D:D:D !!
Sina said…
@ibhog: been there my friend, it's an awful feeling. I even wrote a stupid post about it, but that was when it started to let up a bit.

don't worry it shall pass, maybe you should go on vacation or something, might help.

@Mahdeto: Yeah, maybe as much as you love code :)

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