The curse of the business cards

I have this thing that I don't know if it's true, but it seems to have some sort of an effect on my life. Every time I get business cards, a problem formulates in the workplace. Last time I got business cards, I had a huge argument with people at work and then I quit and then 2 months later I went back to the job. Ever since, I haven't been fond of business cards, I believe they're evil.
Yesterday the new business cards arrived, I didn't know that because I was on an assignment outside of the office, but apparently their effect is applicable even when you don't see them. I had the most miserable day of my life yesterday and I still feel depressed and weakened.

Today, I went to work and saw them on my desk and then I opened the *business- and I mean gmail* email to find that my glorious editor reassigned a piece I've already done to someone else. Ok, it's her right to do that, but she should have told me that she didn't like my piece and that she's reassigning it, not just do it. What the Hell?

I intend to give her a piece of my mind today and I also found out that she's been editing my name in some articles. WTF?

So, I don't know what the business cards will do, but I will not allow people to walk all over me. HUH

I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


marooned84 said…
The only time I got business cards the company closed less than a month later...
hope u're feeling better :)
ibhog said…
editing your name!!! :S

I have similar omens with black cloth!!
gjoe said…
You hate people?


w ba3deen if you stared making co-relations with everything and bad incident you have, you will end up living in a inside-pillow-padded-white-room like the one that girl lived in f Final Destination :D

Easy on yourself girl!
Sina said…
Marooned: I guess it's true then

Ibhog: Turns out she didn't know the right spelling, we sorted it out :)

eh mawdoo3 el 2omash el 2swed dah? maybe a post about it?

Gjoe: 3o2balek :p

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