Love doth enter through the nose

All my life, I have been a great fan of perfumes. I remember when I was 2 or 3 years old, rummaging through my mother's stuff; accessories, shoes and makeup. I was looking for something in particular, something I've seen her apply to her skin, making her smell like the first budding flower of spring, I remember when she hugged me and how I would be happy as my nose picked that enchanting aroma. The allure of this fragrance was irresistible, and although my tiny legs could barely reach the shelf, I stretched myself to the greatest of limits, to finally reach my destination. Just before my young childish eyes, stood a huge bottle of the fragrance I was seeking; the bottle was transparent, showing me its amber contents, milliliters of molten gold that I couldn't wait till I experienced on my own skin. The bottle was one of the old ones, it didn't have an auto-miser, but rather an elegant knob of fortified glass that collect the fragrant component to be drizzled onto the recipient. All the better, I thought, that way I could get all that I want from the amber liquid. The sea of magnificent fragrance lay before me, encased in an elegant bottle that promised to supply all the happiness and excitement of my innocent youth.

I reached for the bottle, my little arms stretched and twisted, my tongue lolling out of my mouth, my face red with exertion and finally the tips of my fingers started to touch the edges of the smooth bottle. Making contact with the cold, smooth and ever enticing bottle egged me on and I stretched my arms even more to grab the bottle. Pure felicity raged through me as I found and extracted the treasure I sought. I descended from the edge of the closet and marveled at the prize that my tiny hands could barely hold. I put all my might in taking off the glass knob and as soon as I did so, wonderfully rich aroma of fragrances that I could recognize, but didn't really know their composition, hit my young olfactory senses. Pleasurable senses overpowered my brain and I smiled and giggled as I splashed myself with the wonderful essence. I was on top of the world, there was nothing that could touch me or my state of happiness. Just as I was playing with the bottle and applying the fragrance to my skin, my mother walked in. I froze, I knew I wasn't allowed to play with her things, especially without asking first. I was in trouble. My hands still clutched the huge bottle, whose contents was considerably decreased now. My mother's expression of anger scared away all the pleasure I had just experienced. Then, she uttered "Sina, let the perfume go." Hearing my mother shout flustered me and my tiny hands forgot to flex as it stretched from pure fear. The amber bottle fell and shattered all over the floor. My sadness for the lost fragrance, mixed with my fear and I started to cry.

Needless to say, I got a very hefty punishment for doing what I did, not that I learned my lesson, later I did the same thing with my sister's fragrance, which happened to be expensive and rare. I got another punishment then as well. However, whatever beating, shouting or any other punishment I got was totally worth it, because I still remember those wonderfully enticing, alluring, enchanting and invigorating fragrances.

Later, I found out that my mother's fragrance was Coco Chanel. Now, I am a fan of any fragrance by Chanel, including the ones made for men (I don't wear them, but any man wearing one of those fragrances, immediately makes my nice list). I do wear other fragrances not made by Chanel, my favorites are Prada Milan, CH by Carolina Herrera, Envy me,Gucci no.2, Anais Anais by Cacharel and Hugo (the first one). So, if you're after my heart, a perfume could guarantee you becoming on my nice list.


Ze2red said…
i have a good fragrance in my nose right now :)
Sina said…
Lucky you :)
insomniac said…

i loved reading this... strangely enough, the dominant thought was how i imagined my beem whenever i catch him playing with my stuff and the joy he must be feeling before i ruin it for him by all the yelling... so i am taking it a bit easy on him from now on thanks to you... God forbid i take away such joy from my little ones, as motherly as it is :))

i am not a perfume person at all... i am a fragrance person however... i prefer natural fragrances made by bath & body works, the body shop and of course Lush.... those i just inhale and inhale until i feel the fragrance so deep... i love the stuff with floral aromas and yet some subtle sweetness to them... the everlasting vanilla of course is an all time favorite... i am getting my white musk now and sniffing it :)))

love your writing :)
Sina said…
Hehe, I am helping Beem get away with playing with your stuff. LOL.

I sometimes use fragrances, but I adore, love and in love with perfumes.

You made me really happy, thanks for commenting.
Ze2red said…
Inso, you have my respect when it comes to the body shop. You should try the moringa lotion and body butter fragrance. A flower will be wondering around smelling soooooo niceee ;)

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