On taking control

The only things I own in their entirety is my brain and my identity, nobody has a part in these two things, no one can claim any right to the formation of these two and no one is allowed to invade them without me giving them access.
I am allowed to control my own brain, my own thoughts and my own actions, I have the right to say what to be thought of and what not to be thought of and I have the complete right to alter anything within my life to permit that kind of control. No one has the right to invade my brain, no one has the right to try and figure out what lurks beneath and no one will ever have that right, whatever I give up is my own choosing and no one is to claim to have the right for this or that.

My brain is my own and I will not let it be controlled by anyone or anything, I am allowed to control my obsessions and addictions and when I say "enough", I really mean it.

It's not easy to take control, especially if you don't want to, but there comes a time when you realize that you can not go on like that and that there are boundaries to be put for yourself as well as others.


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