Going once, twice, SOLD.

What we don't understand is that nowadays selling your soul isn't a bad thing; in fact we all sell our souls every single day and maybe those who don't are the ones suffering the most.
We sell our souls to the crowded streets, to rude people, to the companies we work in, to our relationships, to the world...
We sell our souls to survive and it's no longer frowned upon by our parents, in fact most of the time we're encouraged to sell our souls.

Consumerism has spred to our existence and now you can easily find a price for your lost soul; maybe a prestigious job, a fancy car, a good looking spouse...Just name your price.
No person can claim that their soul is as pure and whole as it was when they first got it, we're all selling out, but it's after all not our fault, it's our onheritance.


Deeeeeee said…
That is not even remotely true. If someone sells their soul, its based solely on choice.
You also seem to be mistaking consumerism for stupidity though, if everything had a price, people would be much happier. Don't mistake maturity and responsibility for selling your soul.
gjoe said…
la2 msh fahma.

define selling a soul.
marooned84 said…
Actually most of the time the buyer is the family itself.

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