The elements of a perfect (or at least complete) life

I believe that each person has in his/her mind the elements of a perfect life, and they do differ from one person to another. The most common bundle of elements in the world is work, family and religion (to be prioritized according to each person).

We all aim for perfection, whether we do admit it or not, and when you think of it, it's only natural, after all we were created by only perfect existence; God. Perfection (or at least the human version) is always at the back of our minds; some obsess about it, some reach it every now and then(and are content by that), and others believe they will never reach it and hence have stopped trying.


As I cross the street, my mind is busy thinking about my perfect career and try as I might, I can not even picture it, but I do know it exists. My preoccupation have caused me to forget about the passing cars and I find myself in the middle of the street, staring into oblivion. I notice a girl staring at her right hand which is adorned with an engagement ring and I wonder whether she's thinking about the perfect husband and whether she has found him in her fiance or not. Next to her stands a young man staring at a 4X4 BMW parked on the sidewalk; he's been thinking about his perfect car, just before he got out his keys from his pockets and opened the 1980s red Beatle parked just next to the BMW.


A perfect life might exist or it might not. Some say the perfection of life stems from the little imperfections of human, others say you should always try your best, but some say that you should take it easy and enjoy the view.
Whether the perfect life exists or not isn't the question. The real question is, if you do reach the perfect life, does that mean you will be happy? Does perfection equal happiness? Because if they do, then happiness doesn't exist.


ibhog said…
so I was thinking, if happiness isn't perfection, then what the hell am I doing now?

and then it comes to me, it's the 'pursuit' of happiness, so .. we're chasing perfection - we, poor humans, will never be perfect, and this is why, we will never be perfectly happy.

I don't know .. but I see people everyday .. running away from being happy .. instead of seeking it .. they keep kicking it away.

Should we stop pursuing it? maybe that way it'll come to us?

humph .. I don't know ..

anyways, your post is really nice, it made me think.
alshaimaa said…
Balance is what we need not perfection , if you keep satisfying your materialistic needs , you 'll be miserable on some level , if you satisfy your spiritual needs only without taking care of your body and its needs , you'll be fooling yourself and won't have the power to stay on your track.

Above all , we need contentment , no matter what you have , you should be thankful for it , you have 1 , others have 0 ....the best feeling in the world is be happy no matter what you have and say ALHAMDULLAH.

pretty romantic eh?
injis said…
Cesario: I think the trick is to find happiness in the journey towards perfection.

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