I want to write something optimistic, I really do. Regardless of the utter confusion, I will try and write something positive.

Ramadan is coming(tomorrow), which is good. I like Ramadan; for a whole month you get to experience a serene comforting feeling and it is really sincere and right. During the holy month, you get to do all those good things and hope that they erase your bad ones.

Birthdays; next month there are a lot of birthdays; the utter number of Virgos I know in my life astounds me. Being a virgo myself, I'd like to announce that I hate virgos, even though my best friend and my best colleague are both virgos and I enjoy their company very much, as is my (previous) manager, who's a really amusing person(not to be confused with my previous boss, whom I despise). Yes, next month holds within its clutches my own birthday; usually I am excited, but this year I receive it with a cold and bitter indifference. It's not because I am growing old (it's stupid to be sad about something you can't change), but because I welcome this birthday with the most confused state I have ever been in and of course the fact that my life is going no where doesn't help, but enough of that.

Showing off; Facebook has become a completely showing off business. I mean people people people, what are you doing? who care where you've been to or who are you with? Unless you're with the Italian mafia, I don't really care.

Babies; I hate their screaming. How bad would it be if they start giving them some medication to stop them from screaming? I don't mean torture them, but there should be some medication that detects when a baby is screaming for no other reason than to annoy those around it(yes IT, it's not a gender until it can actually communicate with words and have hair)and just stops it. And if you think I am being unfair; is it fair that a screaming baby sits behind you in a crowded airplane and starts screaming its head off for the entire flight duration??


alshaimaa said…
so why do u hate virgos?

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