The chicken or the egg?

Regardless of what you think came first, this is a very viable question...

When there's something that you don't understand, the first thing you do is to take it back to its origin, understand the stem of the issue, and then try to fix it or comprehend it. And whether we admit it or not, life is filled with loops, but more often than not, these loops aren't the problems, but rather the symptoms of the problems. Loops are our brain's way of telling us, this situation isn't working for me, please go find something else.

Yet if you think of it, our whole existence is one big loop. The earth is actually looping all around the place, the galaxy is looping, etc... There are cycles and cycles all over the universe. This is very interesting, the whole universe is in loop, but out of the whole planet earth (and the parts of the galaxy we know), we are the only creatures with a functioning brain and the ability of self-expression beyond the program(AKA cycle) of life, isn't that some kind of hint?

I mean who says we are supposed to live in loops. We're the only creatures that can think and yet we have committed ourselves to a very limited existence. I know that there must be a solution, but I haven't figured it out; it lies between being corporate robots and addictive bums; somewhere in the middle.


Anonymous said…
I share your concern..

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