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I think I can safely say that most people don't like to be ridiculed and demeaned and even if we get mistreated every now and then, we always try to convince ourselves that there's sunshine after rain. I just realized that this sun won't ever shine if you always pass demeaning behavior that you are subjected to as being unintended. I've recently learned that everything is intended, the only thing that is different is the result. I think every woman and man is subjected to emotional abuse during her or his lifetime, whether it's from your boss, your friends (who may not be your friends), or your husband/wife, or your family. No matter where or from whom you're being demeaned, it's still ridicule. They say these things because they don't see you as fit to be in their caliber, no matter how much they say they want the best for you, they don't. They may be doing this on an unconscious level, but they're doing it nonetheless.
All I mean is we take so much from the people who we think care for us, but actually all they want is for you to do what they want you to do, be whom they want you to be, etc...
I just have to say that even if they love you, this is what psychiatrists call a destructive relationship; while the other party is getting stronger, feeding off your despair and agony, you are getting weaker and giving in to the pain of being alive. If someone makes you shutdown and isolate yourself from the world, chances are this person is a bad influence,worse than you might ever imagine.
The thing that makes me even more amazed at human relationships, is how most of it result in upsetting outcome and yet we still need to have relationships, we still want to be in a social circle, we fight to make this circle a reality while overlooking our true wants and needs in order that we can become better people.
I can honestly say that everything we strive for isn't worth a single dime, if we are always unhappy and confused, if we always second guess ourselves, if we always wish tomorrow is better, if we always sleep with our heads weighing a million ton, if we can't smile just because we're alive.
Life should be hard, but it shouldn't be impossible to live, it shouldn't be the thing you wish you didn't have, it should be meaningful, it should be lots of things combined that in result makes you content (not deliriously happy)
I think people who have the best life are those who can return to their homes at the end of a hard day and can laugh and smile as if the world wasn't cruel. They can just forget about their worries for a few hours before they have to face the grinding everyday life. Nobody said life is easy, but it should be bearable and you should want to live it and fight for it.
Forget about living life to the fullest, just live it because you want to.


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