Give me one minute

It has been said that a life constructed in years, can be destroyed in one minute. Given 60 seconds, a person's life can be transformed into mush. I guess this is true.
Everything that is life altering can occur in a minute or less, things like a new job, a new country, a new person, a new home, the loss of a home, the loss of a person,etc...
Yes, your life can change in 60 seconds or less, something guaranteed by the lords and ladies of fate (if that what you want to call it). The life you spend most of your age building can disintegrate before your eyes and you can't do anything about it except watch. It's quite a depressing thought, but maybe the sense of depression comes from the fact that it's true. It's a fact that people try to escape from, dodge and avoid, because if they do they may not breathe, there brains might cease and their hearts would stop beating. If we entertain this miserable idea for more than five minutes, I think we won't like to live anymore. Why live when it can all crash over your head in less time it took to bring you into this world?

Everyday we realize our lives are missing stuff, sometimes they're important stuff, while other times they're just ordinary stuff that we don't need. I think what hurts more than missing on things is having these things taken away from you by one mean or the other. I find that disappointment is the worst method available; it just leaves you with this empty state of anger with which you don't know what to do. This feeling often comes from expectations. Does that mean we shouldn't expect? maybe.

I don't know, but since the new year is coming and all, I will just pray to God that He protects us from this one stinkin' minute when life isn't the same anymore.


mirage_like said…
i will complete title 4 u
,, i will destroy myself
u r just one of big wheel
it called life
life doesnot stop except if allah want to do so ....last day "2yama day" i guess when u gone away , life continue, but u buried with dead in such discasting tomb
so work 4 such aday
اعمل لدنياك كانك تعيش أبدا واعمل لأخرتك كأنك تموت غدا
so now u should predict the next step , expect , make insurance of stay alive in agreat state
relate every thing with allah
to not worry
about own theories, i tghink u believe in phylsophian debates
u seems to be right enough
about analysis
so saluta 4 ur thinking
wait 4 more
zandy said…
Hey sina .. eh el ka2aba di. I've read those last 2 posts kda wara ba3d and now I feel like my life is worthless already.

Well about this post, I've thought about that before but I intentionally decided not to think about it again, not just because it's depressing, but also it will eventually me indifferent. But it has a brighter side too. if you always expect and know that a life altering thing could change your life in less than a min, then you won't be that surprised if it actually happen. I mean how many times have we heard of that person who had a break down or went into a coma w had a heart attack and maybe died just because one of these disasters happened to them. I think if they had enough faith, the effect on these ppl will be less disastrous.
Then because of this dilemma I decided not to think about it so much. As far as expectations are concerned, I decided to remove ppl from my calculations cos I hate disappointments, I know life has a lot of other disappointments but at least some of them I know the reason to.

bs keda w kefaya depressing posts ba2a ya sina, I know it's life w c'est la vie w kol 7aga bs ma3lesh :D
w 3la ra2y Abd el Motilib " wada3 hawak w ensah w ensah, 3omr elly kan ma 7yerga3 tany".

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