Young and Old

When is it the right age? It's always falls into two categories; it's either you're too young or too old, never the right age. As such, I always wonder when is it the right age and who decides that?
I honestly think that we should banish age after a person turns 18 or 21(according to each country's laws), not because people can feel younger or older, but because it just isn't that important. At least that's my opinion.
In the eyes of the law you're a fully pledged adult, who has rights as well as duties in the society. Do I need to say more? Maybe I do.
I just think that if (In a Utopia maybe) treat everyone on the basis of being equal, no matter what age, color, religion,gender or whatever hell there is that can be prejudiced against. If we can do that, then probably all the problems of the world will go away (excuse my naivety).

A few days ago I watched a horrendous, but greatly touching movie called "Strip Search"; hold your horses, it's a political movie starring Glen Close that talks about freedom rights post 9/11. It's very shocking; talking about how governments tend to breach people's privacy in the name of " international security". All through the movie, I'm thinking how can people be so cruel and be able to dehumanize themselves and detach it from the fact that the person you're violating is actually a human being. Well, if you have nerves, I would recommend the movie, but if you don't then DO NOT watch it cause you won't be able to sleep.


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