Gjoe Tagged me and as always I have to be late in answering.

What's ur blog name and WHY?
Natural Conspiracy.
As a self-pronounced crazy, manic person (maybe also paranoid), I am convinced that mother nature or the universe or whatever you want to call it, makes its business to mess you up and make you a living disaster. So, In my blog I tend to discover how this is done. In other words, I speak of our God forsaken lives.

What does your blog picture represent?
I'm also a leonardo Da Vinci fanatic. I'm convinced that this man is the epitome of science and arts united. As such, my picture is Leonardo's version of what we call rhombicuboctahedron. I like to think of it as an evolved mixture Rhombus and squares. Anyhow, leonardo da vinci wrote about it in his notes and drew for the first time this shape. As far as history knows, this is the first printed version.


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