Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in

I wonder why we tend to deny what's obvious or lie about the truths which we know so well and have come to accept and live by. No matter how much we hate these truths, eventually they become a part , better yet an undivided part of our lives. It's like a dirty windshield on a day when you're in a hurry. You start the car, try to clean it with the water that spurts out, but it becomes mucky. Then air starts to dry it out and bit by bit you get used to its murky presence. It's strange how we get used to things we hate, loathe and criticize other people for these same things. Then act as if we have an excuse or something.
Human nature is strange; we build this fake world and trick ourselves into thinking that we live in the same world, while we actually live in a whole other universe. One that hasn't been discovered yet.
The thing that annoys me most, is that when the time comes that we can actually get rid of these things that we despise, we refuse to let go. Even though these things might be harming us or limiting our abilities. It doesn't matter, all we care about is not lose the things which we have gotten used to. We are afraid of change, even if it's positive constructive change.
I wish we weren't.

note: the title is a sentence from Mika's song "Any other world"


Fantasia said…
I love visiting new promising blogs. Found my way here by mere chance and it felt splendid. Thanks for linking to me.. coz if it wasn't for that I would have probably missed reading those wonderful words. In a few sentences you were able to diagnose our most fatal illness. most people do decieve themselves willingly in the beginning until they get used to it. so true and so unfortunate.
sure would come back for more.
Cesario said…
thanks for the nice words. Glad you share the same thoughts. They're sad but really true. I'll be looking forward to your visits.

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