most ridiculous movies(that i saw)

10-City of Angels(plot-wise)
9-Rob Roy (cast-wise,screenplay-wise and direction-wise)-->the story wouldn't have sucked if they focused more on the war and politics rather than the romance.
8-Casablanca(plot-wise)-->appologize to all romance lovers, but it's down right ridiculous,so here's to you kid, i liked the screenplay though.
7-Any Van Dam movie(plot-wise,acting-wise and direction-wise)--> so monotonic, van dam is enranged, van dam reeks revenge, van dam wins, enemy loses, could it be any cheesier?
6-The big hit(every angle of the movie is just disaapointing)-->i went to that movie and got out of the cinema after 30 minutes.
5-A walk to remember(plot-wise)--> no comment, except please stop the pandemic of cheesy sleazy movies.
4-Mad max(I don't know where to start, but apparently this was a big hit,go figure!!!)
3-50 first dates(come on, it's so stupid i don't even want to remember this horrible experience and please someone tell Adam Sandler, that he isn't funny.)
2-The world according to Garp(AHH!!! the boredom, i absolutely love robin williams, but this movie wasn't the best choice and it 's soooooo long.)
1-Dead calm and Birthday girl (both by nicole kidman and both really suck)

This list is in accordance with awards and exams seasons.


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