The journey

"It's the journey, not the destination."

This phrase, i don't know if it's a saying or a quote, so let's just call it a phrase, it has always confused me. So, it's not the goal that matters but the path to it?
I love the goal, i want the goal, i care about reaching my destination, while i enjoy the ride, maybe not most of the time, i do care about seeing the blue line signaling my victory. I do not want to be stopped before i reach it by a few inches, just because the journey is important.

While the journey is educational, the goal represents salvation, achievement and freedom from an obsessive need to see the outcome. It's like baking a cake, while you're still preparing the cake, you learn how to knead and stuff, but you always care about how the cake is going to be like after it exits from the oven, so that you could perfect it the next time.

Just a thought.


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