Last night, i watched these two movies, each one more boring and depressing than the other as it is void of any imagination, only the harsh truth of life.
The first one is called "Things you can tell by just looking at her", which tells the stories of 5 different women. I usually like feminist films, which tell the stories of women, something like "The American Quilt", but this film wasn't that kind. It showed how boring one could be if you let it, if you let go and just give up to this mundane life, convincing yourself you're doing the right thing when you're not.
Anyhow, later on there was this movie "metroland", which appeared to be starring christain bale, one my favorite actors, so i was psyched, but its story is so depressing i felt someone was killing me from the inside out. It was a about a married man, who starts to question his choices, shouldn't he left his dream of becoming a photographer? Is his drug addict of a friend's life better? Well, of course in the end he realizes that his life is better, but it really isn't.
The problem with the movie that it showed two extremes, each is boring and self-destructive, he should have stayed married, but started to pursue his dreams while employeed. A lot of people do that. Anyhow, so it was a completely blah night.

A warning to all people, never attempt to watch these movies, or you will develop a serious case of the blues.


Deeeeeee said…
Exams: (n)When you have nothing better to do than watch movies you don't like.

P.S. you've been tagged! ;)
cesario said…
I see you have the same dictionary that i have :)

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