Dried Mint and Truths

My family are kind of obsessed with agriculture, or the art of growing things, mainly things that can be eaten or used. So, we have all sorts of things growing, and every now and then, we get something from a relative that has finished growing, and is ready to be used/eaten.

Mint happens to be very abundant due to the growing things addiction, especially in high summer when it is its season. Winter mint is the flimsy kind that does not flavor your tea right. Winter mint is the black sheep of mint. It probably plots evil plans to rid the world of summer mint, but then it realizes that the two would never meet. Then, it becomes depressed and wilted, sometimes it is so depressed that it forms frost and dies from the outside in.

Back to summer mint, then.

Mint also tends to go bad very fast, and by bad I mean it blackens and it becomes unusable. It is a shame, but you know what they say: good things don't last, and curiosity killed the cat.

So, in order to get through the whole it goes bad fast conundrum, my mother dries the mint and puts it in jars. Currently, I think we have two or three jars of  dried mint.

Dried mint is the concentrated version of summer mint, it is the distant relative that often comes at bad times and is loud and obnoxious. So, a small portion goes a very long way.

So, why am I telling you this?

I've been meaning to make small baggies of the dried mint so as to be able to put it in my tea without me choking on small flakes of dried mint. All I need is to get some gauze, a pair of scissors and string, cut squares of gauze, fill them up and tie them with strings. However, I am so lazy I haven't done any of that.

The second part of this post is about truths. Have you ever thought how sometimes we can take only one side/perspective of the truth and just live by it? In that particular case, we often refuse to entertain any other kind of truths. I wonder whether this is good or bad, but then I realize it really depends on the person and the life they want to lead. Perspective is a tricky concept.

There was a thought about mediocrity I wanted to share, but I am too mediocre to explain it *wink*


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