Generally, I am not a fan of cheesecake as a dessert. I do not mind it, but I always go for chocolaty stuff. I have to admit that sometimes I feel my chocolate addiction hinders me from really expanding my tasting experiences. Yet, I always find anything without chocolate to be very disappointing.

Back to cheesecake.

I have baked cheescakes before, three times to be precise. All were received well and many tummies were satisfied. I did not try any of the cheesecakes I baked (I generally try to avoid eating what I bake, makes me feel like you are eating your children).

I have made an observation though regarding my taste in cheesecake. I always like the type of cheesecake that everyone hates. You know the kind, the one that is very lumpy, crumbly and yoghurty (that is not a word). Everyone would hate it and I would be going in for seconds.

I do not know whether I genuinely like those cheescakes or I just feel sorry that everyone hated them, and so I become their only benefactor. Yes, I believe food gets sad when it is not received well.

So, that was all she wrote. Pathetic, but it is still something.


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