A Lot

Maybe it will change, maybe it will not
But the change we perceive might not be got

So, accept what you already got
It might not seem so, but it is a lot

You see you could have been only a bot
But you are not

You have got eyes, teeth and a tote
A house, some food and a little cot

Yet you leave life to pass, and you to rot
Waiting for the better spot

Or a better parking lot
Or a wooden door with a mail slot
Or a place that is not so hot
Or teeth that will not rot

You want a life without a knot
Or good things to come all in one shot

Possible, this is not.


Brownie said…
nice one ...el hamdoliah for everything
Sina said…
Yeah Al 7amd le Allah :) we really have to remind ourselves sometimes :)

Thanks for visiting and reading :)

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