Random thoughts en route

I have uncharacteristically chosen a seat at the front, and so I could see the road ahead, every bend of it, every car that honks it horn at the giant bus, every bystander that stares at the foreigners on the bus, and every time we're about to crash in the car in front of us. My mind delves into deep thought, partly to escape the stress of the not so long journey, partly because I am too exhausted to do anything else.

Random thought no.1
Femininity Vs. Feminism; do they overlap or are they two separate entities? How can one describe femininity?

Random thought no.2
Can we argue that love is the cultured man's interpretation of lust? If that is true, then why do some desires materialize in an instant while others take time to brew?

Random thought no.3
I envy those who believe in the division of roles among humanity; that each has a role to play and destinies to fulfill.

Random thought no.4
Women are expected to have multiple roles in life, while men are expected to only have one, and yet men still fail at carrying out that one simple role.

Random thought no.5
I say that I don't care if this or that happens, and yet I get a knot in my stomach when I really consider this or that. I am afraid of change even though I crave it.

Random thought no.6
Ugly is very subjective.


Anonymous said…
It's funny! cuz the same exact thought #1 occurred to me also after seeing that ad today...on my way back from work :D
I think it's obvious now that whoever chose the name, did a pretty good job!
Sina said…
Hey Reda,
Which ad do you mean?

Honestly, this was just a random thought triggered by nothing in particular, but maybe I saw the ad by chance and subconsciously formed the thought :)
Maxxed`ouT said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maxxed`ouT said…
You said "ugly"
but you meant "beautiful"
I know you did!
Sina said…
Well, that's part of it being subjective, don't you think?
My ugly is your beautiful :D
Anonymous said…
it was an ad before entering Lebanon Sq coming from el mehwar. if that's where u were passing by, then the mentioned guy should get a promotion :D
Sina said…
nope, haven't been this way for a while. I don't know the ad :(
Anonymous said…
too bad, I was starting to believe it :P ...anyway, it still an interesting coincidence that 2 unrelated persons get such weird idea in the same day...and get to know that :D
Anonymous said…
1. Femininity is a natural virtue that's both vulnerable and invincible. It is the beauty in a woman or the way the words dance off the tip of her tongue, or the way her hand randomly lingers in a pose that's accidental and perfect at the same time. Femininity is everything that makes a woman attractive in a subtlety that's impossible to impersonate.

2. Love and lust overlap but can be polar opposites. Pure lust specifically materializes quickly but phases out just as quickly. Love mixed with lust gets more complex, a lust can be based on a love but be mistaken for pure lust. But pure lust can never be mistaken for pure love. In their simplest forms, love demands time, to brew and die, while lust doesn't need as much for either.

3. On the division of roles, we should not let society dictate what those roles are. It's fine if we ourselves define them, just as long as we analyze the reasoning behind that definition and ensure that at its root, it's not influenced by society. Each person is free to do everything and be anything and the only limits are their own.

4. Controversial. What one role do men have to carry out? "The provider"? That's hardly the case in this day and age. If anything, both are required to carry out multiple roles and carry weights that neither were brought up to be able to withstand. Men's inability to communicate as specifically (and bluntly) as women is why women get away with labeling the men as lacking in whatever department, while men will grow more frustrated at the verbal attacks.

5. Change is always good. Monotony and routine are to life what cyanide is to the human body.

6. So is beauty.
Sina said…
Thank you for taking the time to answer them and may I say they are very well-thought answers.

I love the way you write :)
Anonymous said…
Thank you. Likewise your style is impressive. I couldn't resist answering all the points.

Keep 'em coming.

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