Raison d'etre

“There is a reason for everything”

I hear that phrase, actually I am told that phrase a lot, and when I do, I accept it, try to embrace and convince myself of its questionable validity. I am not a believer in destiny, I realize the existence of fate, but I don’t believe that there’s a great scheme for every one of us. Life to me is a bunch of choices and as we make decisions, converse, eat, breathe; time passes by for no reason.

The day ends and the night begins for no reason other than the will of God, physicists deem time as a non-existent factor, because time is a measurement of something that we can not see, hear, smell, or feel. Time isn’t velocity that measures speed, or the ampere that measures the power of electricity or any of the measurements that we hardly understand, but use in our everyday life. Time is an illusion only evident in the effects of withering. If plants didn’t die, if food didn’t rot, if we didn’t age, we wouldn’t need to have a measurement called time, but we would still need velocity and the ampere, etc...

I do want to believe in the existence of a reason and I do try, because it will make living much easier, but try as I might, I fail every time. Whenever I try to connect two dots, the line fails to form let alone connect. Every plan I make fails miserably and my existence as a human being diminishes as I am led to believe that there is no reason for it.

To sum up, I have no idea and so I am left to quote Sinatra’s song “That’s life”

“Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race, that’s life and I can’t denied, many times I thought of cutting out, but my heart won’t buy it.

But if there’s nothing shaking come this here July,

I am gonna roll myself in a big ball and die.”

Thank You!!


Brownie said…
this is life, nothing can explain it, no one fully or partially understand it, there r no rules on how to play, it is just about trial and error.
Sina said…
True, but sometimes you just can't play anymore.

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