The previous month

  • Depressed for the first 2 weeks (and a week before them).
  • During those weeks of utter depression, a decision sprung out, much like a phoenix springs out from its own ashes. The decision was one of the best I've made in my life; it was going to Greece. (See next point)
  • I spent seven days in the land of the Gods and yes I went to Delphi and stood in front of the sanctuary of Apollo (will blog about it later).
  • After I got back, my family decided to travel to the red sea. Heaven :)
  • Visited my married friend (whom I didn't go to her wedding) with other friends, whom I haven't seen for a while. It was a great day :D
  • Started a new job yesterday.

And that was a recap of what went during a strange period of my life and yet I have a feeling that it won't be the strangest.


Askandarani said…
:-) just love reading happy posts, inshaa allah more will follow and waiting for the apolo post, and new job post and mmmm more posts in general
Deeeeeee said…
Yeay Sina! Seriously happy for you!
MeMo said…
Congrats ya Cesario :D .
waiting for the details about the Trip to Greece ?? where is the pics ??
Cesario said…
Askandarani: thanks, I will try to post more isA.
Dee: Thanks and don't get used to it.
Memo(or Xero): Thanks and I will post the pics.

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