The one with the pony tail

If you ever come to where I work and want to know where I am, just ask for the trainee with the pony tail. Yup, that's me. The training program that I am in, features 17 male trainees and two female trainees(including myself). The other girl is veiled, so I am the only one within the group who has a pony tail.
People have decided that they will hold football matches every thursday and I should either:
a) Be the referee
b) Begin a women's football team (featuring two players? I don't think so)

Yup, it's a boy's club and I blame the people who did the recruiting, where is the diversity people?huh?


Deeeeeee said…
Referee, ya coach? Enti referee? Omal meen haytrain them?! :P
Bongo said…
O.k. be modest and give them a bit of your experience in training :D

Welcome back by the way , i was about to search for you in streets :D
Cesario said…
Dee: A3mel eh ba2a, the position of coach is already taken. Yalla, el donia hezouz.

Bongo: I shall try.
Thanks, no need to post fliers, I am like criminals, I always return to the scene of the crime.

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