The possibilities of life

The last post triggered something in my brain and I remembered a movie that I've watched recently; an italian movie that I really liked, but my mother thought it was stupid.
The movie is called "
La Meglio gioventu" or "the best of youth" and it follows the lives of two brothers during the seventies and eighties. I've only watched an hour or so of the first part of the movie; it's originally six hour long.
Anyhow, the brothers(Nicola and Matteo) were set to go on a trip of exploring Europe, but before they could even get out of Italy, Matteo decides to go back to Roma and enlist in the army, Nicola however continues his journey and goes as far as Norway when Florence is hit by a flood and he goes back to Italy.
anyhow, events unfold and things happen, that unfortunately I didn't get to see, because my mother and my sister wanted to see the series they watch on MBC. I am currently downloading the movie off of the internet.

The movie hits a cord, it's all about decisions and how they affect your life. I think we have become too afraid of what could happen, that we don't realize our potential anymore. We claim to be satisfied with our lives, when we have only accepted our fate, we are always looking for the hero who will save the country and make our lives better and we fail to see the heroes and heroins inside of us.
We've become sort of mechanical as we graduate, get a job and then get married and become miserable for the rest of our lives and those who don't, are dubbed stupid and crazy. Instead of being tied by traditions to our culture, our brains have become traditionally tied by thoughts of fear, grown by our own society.

I don't know what to do really, but maybe I'll figure it out, hopefully I'll do something about it.


Bongo said…
Although this movie do hits a cord , it may hit other things as well ...

i see now your mother's and sis's point of view ,

SIX hours long movie !!!!

may be when you see the whole movie you would change your mind about whether you liked it or not ..

However i liked the thoughts that you got out from your short view of it ..

Hope we would figure this out someday ..
Shimaa Gamal said…
Where are you hiding?
Cesario said…
Bongo:I'll keep you updated, believe it or not I still haven't seen the movie :). Here's to the possibilities.

Shaimaa: Under a rock, waiting for life to pass me by like a shooting bullet.

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