I'm sick of anything fictitious, I really am. The problem with fiction novels, movies and everything in between are their portrayel of unreal versions of life. Life isn't a book or a film, it's hard, it sucks, it makes you feel as if you need to be treated for several mental illnesses, and it never gives you what you really want.
And if you don't believe me, then I beseech you to start reading a little something called HISTORY to understand how complicated our living is. First, things don't just happen, i myself don't believe in coincidences, and there's no luck, but there's Karma -->"What comes around, goes around ". Second, human beings are manipulative,backstabbing and opportunists.Not all of them of course, but if you're planing to be sth great, then expect them at every corner.
Life isn't easy, it never was and it never will, but thanks to the current media(a book is considered a medium) and medication(Go figure!!!), we're lead to believe that life is a walk in the park, when it's actually a stroll in the forbidden forest, or the moon[no oxygen there].
Even though Life absolutely blows[see above], we're always advised to be optimistic, to hang on, to have faith and wish for the best. These are the words on which we're supposed to survive. I have news flash for you "THESE ARE NOT ENOUGH"
Maybe I'm too FREAKING realistic or whatever, but we're not supposed to hang on these words, we're supposed to have something physical, materialistic to give us hope. Sorry for busting your bubble, but these words will not give me air when I'm having a panic attack midst a Monday midday, neither will they give me sleep when I'm insomniac for a month, nor the ability to rise from bed to face the day that lies ahead, with all its glory.

POOR BABY!!!!! that's all


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