Wouldn't be accomodating if before you're born you had a Beta Life, to decide what you want to be like, or at least be prepared?
I know it sounds geeky or nerdy, or whatever. I just think that we, as a generation, are completely unprepared for life and its ways, we have no knowledge of our personalities and society pushs us towards goals that we don't really need and to top that, our culture is being murdered everyday. The worst thing is, we are the murderers.
Everyday, i look around and i see how hollow our environment has become, how corrupt and depressing. I see how westernized we've become, and even that we're not good at. We are like a little boy trying to wear his dad's suit, but it's just too big. Our lifestyles don't fit our history. It's hard to believe that a rich culture like ours would be disfigured by our now barabaric and ignorant ways.

Sometimes i feel as if there's room for change, but then despair hits me and i start to wonder what change? Our society is going through a downward spiral, and even though there's room for projection, what makes me or anyone else sure that we will be part of it?

Then again, why do we do it all? Why should we fight our own countrymen and corrupted thoughts? Wouldn't be just easier to run? Will i ruin my life more by staying or leaving? and what do i want from life?

I just wish it was a little bit easier. I always ask myself if i had a choice to be born into another nationality , would i cave in?
Our country is filled with culture, inteligence and people, but due to corruption, all that shows is our desperate attitude and our desire to imitate and not innovate.It's hard to go against a huge wave like ours, but if you succeed then you'll be able to enjoy the lush island that lies ahead.

I pray to God for strength through difficult times,
and the ability to enjoy sweeter ones...


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