A few Good men

"The truth? YOU can't handle the TRUTH."

Somehow, this phrase has some credibility, because many times, we feel like we can't face the truth, nor life nor anything else.
Sometimes you just want to close all the doors and windows and sit in the dark. To face nothing and do nothing , but believe in the lie you're leading.

This feeling visits every once in a while, and I choose to ignore it. Why?
because i don't want to live a lie, even if i want to believe it.

The above phrase, is a line that jack Nickelson says in "A few Good men", which i've just realized as one of my favorite movies.


Deeeeeee said…
Its one of mine too! I enjoy intelligence and I believe lawyers must be really intelligent ppl. I really admire how Tom Cruise (me no fan at all!) can maintain living his life, doing his job and his wits!

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