Distance is all about levels, just like layering a cake. First you start with a thin layer of indifference, which might not take, and then you will find that it gets broken every now and then. However, you go and apply another layer of indifference, and this time it is more concrete.

Congratulations, you have reached the first stage of distance.

The second stage is being aloof, which is not only being indifferent, but also dodging and avoiding the subject. Being aloof comes with practice; you have to train yourself not to care. It is not always easy, but eventually you get there, and you find that life is much easier. There are still pangs of guilt every now and then, but it is not drastic.

Keep up the good work, you are now safely nestled at the second stage of distance.

The third stage, which comes naturally if the first two stages are fulfilled, is complete and utter lack of interest. In other words, not caring. That is the point where you have successfully buried and repressed every thought and emotion regarding what you are distancing yourself from. This is a very cold stage...brrrr, so get your jackets with you. It is also the stage where you feel utter numbness and withdrawal, but it is the crowning of your efforts.

*Trumpets Sound* You have successfully achieved DISTANCE *applause*.

Warning: Achieving distance does not necessarily guarantee the elimination of all thoughts about distanced subject, but it will result in the thoughts being easier to handle. Also, in some cases, the thoughts and emotions available before the first stage might come back at any time and haunt you. Distance is not responsible for any side effects or symptoms you might experience. Please consult your brain before starting to distance yourself.


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