Puppy dog

He looked like a sad puppy dog. He always sat beside a window, longingly looking upon the world, wishing for the existence of something he does not know. His runny nose and sad demeanor fortified his resemblance to the fluffy creature. One couldn't help but offer help maybe just a treat, nice wholesome treat, that would hopefully make him jump up and down, twirl around and hang his tongue out expectedly.

His big brown eyes spoke oodles of his spoiled suffering; he used them to look at the people in the same way a puppy would look at a stranger, with interest and apprehension. Puppy and man merge together to form an incomprehensible creature, rendering the onlooker confused on whether to say hello or maybe ruffle his hair.

He had a nice, big smile that whenever he bestowed it upon the public, would move his whole face and add a twinkle to his already enchanting (yet still innocently cute) eyes. One, at that moment, couldn't help but wonder if he was capable of malice, or like the cute puppy, he only receives malice from the world around him.

It was very rare to find him with others, usually he was alone, wandering around, looking lost and abandoned, and so you find yourself wondering if you could adopt him.


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