Multinationals/Ogilvy exploiting people

Last September, a friend of mine asked me whether I was interested in working as a freelance copywriter for Ogilvy Egypt. I have always been intrigued by the job, and since I am trying to pay my masters' tuition money, I can hardly refuse a job.

The friend issued me a warning about them not paying freelance employees, and for that I am thankful.

I started working for them despite the warning, and figured that they can't be that bad, and so expected that maybe they will delay my money, but eventually will pay me.

Anyway, the projects I have been working on were completed by mid December, and so after everything has been done, I asked to be paid before the year's end.

I have yet to receive my money.

I have hated multinationals ever since I worked in one 4 years ago. They lie, cheat and do nothing but gossip and exploit third world countries. Advertising companies are just their enablers, and they share the blame even more, because they lie for multinationals so that their products may sell.

I believe that the treatment is the same everywhere, and that people shouldn't be silent anymore.

So, if you have a similar story or any story of exploitative nature about any capitalist company or a multinational, send it to me, and I will post it on my blog.

Update****************** I sent this email early today at 8:35 AM to all the regional managers to complain:

To whom it may concern,

I have been hired by your esteemed company (namely Mohsen Farid and Noha Rashid) as a freelance copywriter in September 2011, and have been working on IBM and SmartVillage projects until December 2011. 

After the work has been done, I asked to be paid as agreed upon (-- Egyptian pounds per hour) and only after everything has been handed in promptly and as demanded.

I have been asking for my payment for over a month now, with only promises made and no real answer or effort to actually get paid. I sent two emails during the last couple of days, and I have received no answer.

I really expected more from a corporation as big as Ogilvy, but I guess the multinational exploitative culture is the same everywhere. You thrive on abusing the 99% and being a slave to the 1%. 

All this dodging for a measly --- Egyptian Pounds. I think you should be very proud of our employees.

Do not expect me to remain silent about this injustice.


Update **************** I received this email 10:16 AM today

Firstly I do apologize for raising this complaint against our office . Upon checking internally this subject, apparently that there has been a miscommunication as to the terms of payment. Usually we do pay all our suppliers and partners one month from the completion of the project, which in this case ,was  around 3rd week of Dec, so still within norms, so probably you were misinformed about that policy 
I have informed our accounting dpt to settle the payment today

George W. Aoun
Managing Director
Memac Ogilvy & Mather 

And at 11 AM got a call from the ppl I have been working with and I told them all that I wanted to say, and informed them that I won't be working for them again. They told me I could pick up my payment at 3 PM.

I guess this is proof that one should not be silent about their grievances.


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