Occupy my mind

I know you. I see you there in the distance, lurking behind the dozens of thoughts within my head. They are all waving signs, hoping and praying for my attention. You keep jumping over the crowd, trying to get a foot through, trying to infiltrate the ranks.
I pretend not to see you. I ignore all your attempts to divert my attention. You protest and get angry. In turn, my thoughts are angered and push you away in return, violently. You resist, sometimes gaining ground, but you're soon pushed out again as my soldiers regroup. You do not like being the 1%. I won't remind you that at one time you were the 99%, but you blew it away. So, resist, fight, shove and hold signs for eternity, you will never occupy my mind. Never again.

However, I am open to negotiations.

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PS: I support the political movements of "Occupy" that are happening all over the world. Power to the people, the 99% ! 


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