The cage within

The change within me is not of change,
You see, my dear, there is no range,
I stand still in an ocean that moves,
And those around me can feel its grooves,

And yet, there I am forever in one place,
Unable to join the race,
Forever locked in a void embrace,
While other shake their heads and say it's a hopeless case.

The sea inside is unable to penetrate
The walls I create.
It whirlpools upon itself instead,
And so erratic thoughts are dead.

An ocean becomes a sea becomes a lake.
Even though there is no second take,
I am still imprisoned within the change of no range,
While others wonder, and say "how strange".

The boundaries of the self became a cage,
A self within a shell unable to engage,
A part away from the whole,
A piece that is in fact a hole,
A life incomplete and yet
Leaving it is something that I can not let.


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