The right to boast

It's natural , right?? To brag every now and then. We've all done it at one point in time, brag about our newest possession, acquaintance, composition under pressure or even a right decision made at the right time.

I don't like to brag even when I do something right, it makes me annoyed. Yet, I did that same thing I hate yesterday, it was in defense of a decision I've made and I was making a point.
Even though during the act itself I felt uplifted, empowered and confident, on its ending and others leaving me alone I was left with an empty feeling. I was also overwhelmed with guilt and fear that maybe whatever good ability I've had that enabled me to make the right decision would disintegrate; that the loss of common sense would be my punishment.

I have no idea how people brag all the time about their accomplishments and abilities, how they can stand the exuberant feeling of guilt that washes over you afterwards. It's exhausting and yet people do it all the time. Amazing, huh??

On another very different note, I've been taking a writing class and I'd like to share with you a piece of writing I've done in class. It's about metaphors. I'd like to know what you infer from it, because even though I wrote it, I don't really know it's purpose. I'd be grateful.

It's a bit childish, but I am not really good with metaphors.

"If you were my pen, I would want you to be more than one color in life, but I would be the only one who knows your true color. I wouldn't want to lose you within the clutter of my bag, but given my nature, I wouldn't guarantee it. I would only write the things I wanted to keep forever so that you wouldn't run out of ink and I would only write them on sturdy paper."


ibhog said…
I think bragging is healthy, and that feeling isn't guilt, it's rather post-people-judgment uneasiness, bearing in mind that too much of anything is too much.

I liked your used metaphor, and I'm curious about that writing class, I kinda want to 'writing class' too ..

Glad you're posting again :)
Sina said…
hey Ibhog,

It just makes me uneasy.

Thank you for liking my metaphor even though I think I am suck at it.

The writing class is in Diwan Maadi, this one is ending, but I believe that they're going to do more classes. Just sign up at to receive their e-newsletter.
Ze2red said…
Sina, we are all entitled for bragging every now and then, specially if we aslan don't do it, the momentary feeling is nice. The uneasiness is because we are not used to it and we feel it strange to do. maybe because we hate people when they do it all the time :D... i'm not sure if i'm making sense!

about the writing class, interesting, i love the idea and i wonder if that would be the next crazy idea i would want to do :)

now about what you wrote, first glance, i thought you were talking about feelings, then when i re-read it it just hit me that it was a mixture of both feelings and your heart. so how close or far am i?
jazzylife said…
well i believe bragging is when you brag about something you have others dont when you know that they need it .. that's bragging .. other than that it's more of ( FYI )

for instance .. im jobless these days .and my cousin got this new job , that he's pretty fond of that am sure he will announce his engagement to the job itself pretty soon,
every-time he sees me he brags about it badly .. to the extend that he think after he got his new job that i have some sorta of communication problem !!!! cause they gave him that course at work , and he kept bragging on and on and on and on !!!

that's bragging !!

but when my friend gets a new clothes and she says ahh i got new clothes ..that's not bragging ..that's FYI ! cause i have my own clothes and she knows it so we're cool !


so .. FYI as much as you want ,just brag in-front of your enemies or your dislikes :D
Sina said…
Ze2red: You're making lots of sense.

You should try the writing class, it's pretty nice, makes you think out of the box when it comes to writing.

And I think you're right about the mixture.

Jazzy: Well, in my case it was FYI, I was actually explaining something. I'll just have to get used to the "FYI"ing
Ze2red said…
I will give it some serious thought. I might drop by diwan someday and get the full details from there. You went to zamalek branch?
Sina said…
You can get info from any branch, but the course was in Maadi's branch.
Go to the website

and sign up to receive their newsletter.
Juka said…
Hey there! I seem to be running into all your sisters and not you these days!

Meanwhile, bravo on the writing class and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (Jason Mraz style) the metaphor.
Sina said…
Then we should PLAN an "impromptu" get together.

Lol @ the mraz style, Thanks.

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