Don't expect

I often think about the optimum way to raise a child in the country and world that we live in, and I usually find it impossible to raise a well-rounded psychologically sane child in such an environment. You see, I can't tell a child to dream endlessly when I know that all of these dreams will be crushed, I can't tell a child to think big, when everyday we feel smaller and smaller in a giant world of meaningless, I can't tell a child to be innocent when I know that there are so many in the world who will deprive him/her of that innocence. A child should be aware of his/her surroundings and yet still innocent; frankly I find that this equation can not be achieved.

Yet, if there's a child somewhere who's just woken up to the truths of the world, I can advise the following:

1. Be close to the things that make you happy even if they don't make sense.
2. Don't compromise, life is shitty enough.
3. Be satisfied with your health, it's the best thing the Lord can bestow upon you.
4. Work hard, but don't wait for the reward, because it will be utterly disappointing.
5. Bask in the knowledge of doing the right thing, even if it's not right for you.
6. Look forward to God's grace and never count on human decency.
7. For girls, carry your own grocery bags and buy luggage that you can lug around without help, there will come a time when you will be on your own, and when you do carry them alone, you will feel so much better about yourself.
8. Say thank you and please even if the recipient isn't worth it, you're not thanking them, you're thanking the Lord for making them do what you needed.
9.Don't trust easily, but don't be paranoid, make backup plans for when people screw you over.
10. Rejection is part of life, accept it, mourn it and then move on.
11. Death is normal and it happens at the right time, we just can't see it as humans. Cry, but let go of the person lest their ghost haunts you forever.
12. If you feel like doing something (as long as it doesn't hurt you or sb else), go ahead and do it. Don't ever let others imprison you in what they call "appropriate".
13. Always remember that you might be one of the greats, but you will never know if you never try.
Most importantly, Don't expect. Never do, not a phone call, email, a person, a job, a house, a life. Expectation makes you miserable.

I wish that we lived in a better world, I wish that we could have everything we wanted, but it's not and we can't. So, accept that.


Anonymous said…
expectations are dreams ..
and to advice someone not to dream like putting a box of chocolate in-front of a diabetic child and telling him not to eat !

i love the post ..
yet expectations..
day dreaming ..
:) are beautiful, they are one of the best parts of being alive :)
Ze2red said…
thumbs up... one hell of a reminder.
insomniac said…
love the post, and the thoughts behind it :)

and i especially like #7
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