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I guess it's the random tag and I know I have to tag 5 ppl, but no promises cause I am a self-declared introvert.

1.I read "Chicago"(not the Broadway play, the Arabic novel ) and then I got rid of it cause I hated it.

2.I hate phones (regular and mobile).

3. I like confrontation, but hate talking.

4.I am too afraid of reading the last 70 pages of the last harry potter book. (I hate endings)

5.I love fantasy novels (magic,dwarfs and goblins) while I am reading them, but then I hate them for not being true.

6. I make promises to myself that I never keep.

7.I like peanut butter and honey (not jelly) sandwiches.

8.I recently bought a blender and I am having a ball with making frappes and smoothies (Do Not attempt to make the oat meal smoothie, will result in vomit)

9.I collect children's books so that I can give them to someone else on my death bed.

10.My cat sleeps while clutching his legs (such serenity).


Deeeeeee said…
2.You hate phones? Who would've guessed?! *in total sarcastic amazement!*

5. You're the one who got me started on fantasy novels in high school! I like them so much more as books rather than movies!

10. You're cat is not serene! He just lazy! Last time I pet it, he was too lazy to get up and scratch, so he slept for like half an hour, then he got up and fought back! I'm sure he is just too lazy to do anything with his legs!

Interesting random facts! :)
Bongo said…
liked ur facts n ur blog ..

keep it up

best regards,
Cesario said…
My cat is lazy, but he's also very serene.
Thanks Dee and Bongo.

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