A song that always gets me

I can honestly say that there's one song that always makes me thoughtful, love my country, wish I can make it a better place and pray for some way to be helpful in that aspect. The song is "3ala Baly" or "on my mind" by 3aida El Aiouby.
Most of the Arabic songs that I love are old songs and that I think this is because of my father, he only listens to Abdel Wahab or Om Kalthoum or something equivalent. As a child, I never saw him watching a video clip on TV, but whenever this song was on TV, he'd stop and watch it. I always found this very curious (I couldn't understand the song back then), but when I grew up I caught on.
My father is a man with a great sense of nationalism and even though the country has served him many problems, he's always loved it immensely. The song talks about estranged Egyptians.

The translation for the song:

on my mind, always on my mind, my love, my country's son
No Egyptian, No to leaving your country and abandoning us, your country's better off with you
No, a thousand No.
why leave your country and your heart is hardened, why forget your loved ones?
Why, my country's son, Why?
Where is the letter that you hurriedly send after forgetting our love for you?

on my mind, always on my mind, my love, my country's son
Where would you find this sweet laugh that is evident in the eyes and comes from the heart?
Where would you find those enchanting black eyes?
Another song and they become a reality.

on my mind, always on my mind, my love, my country's son
Who will come at dawn and tell you to rise up from your sleep and thank God [in Dawn prayer]?
Who will stand by you and comfort you by saying "That God will soon fix it for you, but when the time is right "

No to leaving your country and abandoning us.
No, a thousand No.

P.S.: The song can never be appreciated except in its native language and while listening to its wonderful melody.

I apologize for the poor translation, if anyone has any suggestions, don't be shy.


gjoe said…
I too love this song ya Sina and it DOES make me want to stick around and do good for the country. I know I kinda have no other choice, but listening to the song makes me like staying here and trying to make this country a better place to live in.OK, maybe not on a very wide scale, but at least for the small "Society" around me.
Anonymous said…
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gjoe said…
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