Sometimes I read things and I wish I had the same attitude of the people who wrote it; even though I might not like the things they wrote. It's just that a person's general attitude shines through their own writings. I always feel my writings are bit incoherent, because that's how I think. One incident can lead me to another and another, then pretty soon I've strayed from the main purpose. Anyhow, that's what happened here.
All I wanted to write is that I've adopted a new concept, which is If you can't do something, do every other thing you can get your hands on to. I really want to experience every good thing in the world, I don't want to spare anything and I don't care if I die young as long as I've had a full active life. Truth is, I 'm trying to do that, but it's a bit tricky.
So, to life, may it be as busy as a bee hive.


Deeeeeee said…
I approve of the new approach! :)

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