Excerpt of a mind

We may never even trust again, or live happily, we may have stopped breathing if it wasn't involuntary, we may have killed each other with words if they were lethal,we may have exploded in anger to bits of undefined objects, floating in the air to infect everything it touches.
Why were we born and why do we live to destroy?

An open conversation isn't available in the world we live, no body is that secure to be completely honest; we all suffer from one complex or another that affects our words, our lives and our relationships. We lie thinking that we protect each other, even though we're actually destroying one another.

Our lives will never be complete, will never rise to that which we work for and it will never be satisfactory. Will life always be a meaningless collage of lies?

We deny the most obvious of facts in order not to go crazy, but we don't know that we already are nuts. We're attracted to the wrong things, only because their allure is demanding, obsessive and false.
If the world is so wrong, then where is the righteous, where are the honest and where are the humaine?


Fantasia said…
You are right. Man has destroyed the world.

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